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ArLeAM's Strategic Digital Advancement with the Dream Factory

Davit Pashinyan
Content Writer

In the competitive food and beverage industry, food and goods retailer ArLeAM was already known for its quality products, but recently, they decided to focus on their online marketing and sales approach.


In the increasingly online world, eCommerce is king, and ArLeAM was determined to elevate their online presence and storefront. To reach a wider audience and better engage with their online customers, ArLeAM decided on the Dream Factory.


This all-in-one enterprise package, featuring the Ucraft Next eCommerce Website Builder, FastexVerse Metaverse, and Hoory AI-assistant, helped ArLeAM put a new face on their online presence, and completely retool their digital strategy.



Streamlining ArLeAM's Online Storefront Experience


ArLeAM's online store underwent a significant makeover using Ucraft Next. The service enabled ArLeAM to create a more user-friendly store that better showcased their diverse range of organic fruits, nuts, and high-quality wines.


Managing product listings and integrating payment and shipping options is a built-in feature on Ucraft Next, so improving the online shopping experience for customers was a simple implementation.



Enhancing Customer Interaction

The introduction of the Hoory AI chatbot was a significant step forward in ArLeAM’s customer support services, and now serves as the company’s primary customer support tool.


Hoory can answer complex inquiries 24/7 on numerous topics like product information or order status, improving the overall customer support experience with no need for additional staff. 


ArLeAM can now offer support channels that are responsive all day and personalized customer engagement that resolves issues much more effectively.



Expanding ArLeAM's Retail Platform into the Metaverse


 As ArLeAM is interested in looking towards the future of online engagement, integrating FastexVerse made perfect sense.


By establishing a virtual store in the metaverse, ArLeAM is providing customers with an immersive shopping experience that is available to customers and visitors globally.


They can host events, sell items, and discuss their product range with anyone who visits them, at any time. ArLeAM is embracing this new technology to set themselves apart as an innovative brand in their industry.



Cost-Efficiency: A Strategic Advantage


One of the reasons ArLeAM chose the Dream Factory package over other enterprise offerings was its cost. Compared to many other eCommerce-focused enterprise packages available, the Dream Factory package is extremely affordable, especially considering the services under their umbrella.


ArLeAM’s decision ultimately came about because of the three cutting-edge technologies offered and the price that is largely unmatched in the industry, giving them a competitive advantage in both cost and quality.



ArLeAm's Successful Dream Factory Integration


ArLeAM's integration of the Dream Factory services showcases the power of adopting digital transformation in today's business landscape.


By leveraging Ucraft Next, FastexVerse, and Hoory, ArLeAM expanded its market reach, refined their online user experience, harnessed integrated services like customer relations management and resource planning, and elevated their customer experience. These services help ArLeAM to stand out in the often oversaturated online marketplace.